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Hot Rodding has become a very large industry. With all the excitement the media has brought forth lately, the great American pastime has become big business. Hot Rod shops all over the nation have the need for highly qualified technicians.

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Watch out for more News up-dates:for 2016

Watch out for more News Up-dates for 2016. We have been off line for the past serval year, since Kyle left to work for Counts Kustoms in Las Vegas. But now we are back and hope to bring more good news more often. We have started up-dating the web page, starting with our great instructional staff. We for the most part have changed a bunch at the School, and we feel the instructional staff is stronger than it’s ever been. Don’t get me wrong the old crew was great, but now we have new passion, and strong willingness to strive to do great things. » read more

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